Progress of work

The FIBRE4YARDS project started on the 1st of January 2021. The virtual kick-off meeting took place on 26-27 January. It assembled all the consortium partners and the representative of the European Climate, Infrastructure, and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA). The gathering was an opportunity to remind the objectives of the project, set up a detailed planning of activities for the first months and clarify expectations. It helped to reinforce the enthusiasm and understanding about the vision and goals of the work in FIBRE4YARDS. Most importantly, the discussions built a team spirit to set off to a very good start!

The technical activities were launched by the consortium partners in the first months of the project. The efforts concentrated mainly on the evaluation of current manufacturing processes as well as the evaluation and selection of FRP connection technologies. Starting from June 2021, many other activities will take off i.e. the set-up and optimisation of the manufacturing process, design for vessel production improvement and definition of tools for the Shipyard 4.0 concept.

In parallel, the partners started the market analysis focused on small- and medium-sized shipyards. An invitation to participate in a dedicated survey was issued to more than 400 European shipyards in order to assess the actual composite technologies and the level of automatisation in today's shipbuilding processes, as well as to evaluate the degree of interest on new technologies to be implemented in a new Shipyard 4.0. The survey can be found via the following link. In parallel, the survey team is conducting several interviews with relevant shipyards to gather more detailed information. For any query, the readers can also contact the FIBRE4YARDS survey team at 

In terms of dissemination activities, the consortium has been very busy issuing first publications such as the project public abstract, the project overview presentation and a press release. FIBRE4YARDS was also promoted by the coordinator Xavier Martínez from CIMNE who gave an introduction presentation about the project in the session themed “Manufacturing and industrial process methods” at the annual meeting of the E-LASS group on the 28th of January. What is more, Alfonso Jurado Fuentes from TSI represented FIBRE4YARDS at the workshop “Innovations on Deconstruction of Recreational Fiberglass Boats in Spain” organised on the 14th of April by AGAN+ (Asociación Galega de Actividades Náuticas, on behalf of the CAPITEN project (Interreg-Atlantic Area, Alfonso Jurado Fuentes gave an overview of FIBRE4YARDS with the idea of engaging and raising awareness on the new trends of composites manufacturing methodologies and the Shipyard 4.0 concept. Very recently, Xavier Martinez (CIMNE) also introduced the project at the Advanced Factories Expo & Congress on the 8th of June. The three presentations are available in the open access repository of FIBRE4YARDS set up on Scipedia. A new dissemination activity is scheduled on the 1st of July in a joint effort with the FIBREGY project, in order to present both projects to the European community working with composites in the marine and naval sector. You can read more about this First Information Day in the "Get Together" section of our first newsletter.

Last but not least, the consortium partners have also initiated a collaboration with the members of the Advisory Board with a view of establishing non-disclosure agreements for future exchanges of information and results.