We provide here the information on the training performed in the framework of the FIBRE4YARDS project.

  • Tdyn-RamSeries performed by Daniel Sá López (COMPASS) on the 27th of January 2022

This first training session can be watched here.

The main goal of this training session on Tdyn-RamSeries software was to provide an overview of the main capacities of the code, as well as of the particular features related to the tasks involving FEA simulation and design/engineering activities. Some of those specific features were not ready by the time of the session, and therefore they will be covered in detail in a second, more advanced training session towards the end of the project.

Furthermore, in this first training, basic usage of FEA applied to FRP marine structures was addressed and shown by means of an example case.

The contents of this training session are the following:

  • Software download, installation and user password validation
  • General preferences of the GUI
  • Capacities overview and data tree arrangement
  • CAD models import/export (standard and native formats)
  • Repairing and preparation for FEM meshing
  • Layers and geometry management
  • FEA model fundamentals: assignment of materials’ properties,loads and boundary conditions
  • Basic meshing procedures. Mesh requirements and convergence of the solution
  • Linear static, linear dynamic and non-linear dynamic analyses
  • Results and post processing (example model).