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Feedback from FIBRE4YARDS Final Dissemination Event

The Final Dissemination Event of the FIBRE4YARDS project was successfully held on Wednesday 13 December 2023 in Nantes, at the premises of the Technocampus Océan and IRT Jules Verne. The event was aimed to present the project final results contributing to maintaining the European leadership in shipbuilding and maintenance.

The Final Dissemination Event was the fourth in the series of public gatherings organised by the FIBRE4YARDS consortium and dedicated to disseminating the project results within the shipbuilding community and the naval sector in general: the first Info Day was organised in July 2021, the second one in September 2022, whereas the Joint Dissemination Event with Horizon 2020 sister projects Mari4_YARD and RESURGAM took place in May 2023.

The first part of the Final Dissemination Event was organised around a series of presentations from FIBRE4YARDS. Top-class research and industry experts from the project shared their views on the technologies that were developed for cost-efficient, digitized, automated and modular vessel production solutions. A fruitful discussion session addressing the different aspects of the Shipyard 4.0 environment took place with the external stakeholders who participated in the event.

The full list of presentations given during the event is provided below:

  • FIBRE4YARDS - Defining the future of shipbuilding, presented by Xavier Martinez (CIMNE).
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies for composite ships, presented by Iván Sáenz (Irurena Group), João Silva (INEGI), François Geuskens (Curve Works) and Joep Grapperhaus (10XL).
  • Ship design accounting for production and environmental factors, presented by Daniel Sá (COMPASS Ingeniería y Sistemas) and Aleksandra Ziemińska-Stolarska (Łódź University of Technology).
  • OSI4IOT: The new Shipyard 4.0, presented by Daniel Di Capua (CIMNE) and Andrés Rodríguez (TSI). This presentation included a live demonstration of the main features of the OSI4IOT platform.
  • Advantages of FIBRE4YARDS approach Cost Benefit Analysis, presented by Attila Uderszky (ZAFIRO).


FIBRE4YARDS coordinator Xavier Martinez (CIMNE) introducing the project to the event attendees during the Final Dissemination Event, Technocampus Océan, 13 December 2023.

The second part of the event took place at the premises of IRT Jules Verne where the project’s real-scale demonstrator was exhibited. Cécile Denogens and Yann Le Gall (Naval Group) immersed the participants into the FIBRE4YARDS demonstrator – from the preliminary design until industrialisation.Cécile and Yann described the raw materials that were used for the different components such as the lower deck, superstructure panel, stiffeners, hot-stamping brackets, pillars or the interface parts. They explained that the main objective of the manufacturing strategy was to maximise the all-composites assemblies.



Attendees of the FIBRE4YARDS Final Dissemination Event visiting the project's demonstrator, IRT Jules Verne, 13 December 2023.

The conclusions were very positive – the demonstrator allowed to successfully test the innovative production technologies developed in the project, whereas the assemblies, in particular by bonding, proved that the manufacturing process of such a structure block can be performed in a limited time. Last but not least, the participants had the opportunity to appreciate the demonstrator at first hand.

The FIBRE4YARDS Final Dissemination Event raised great interest within the shipbuilding community, which was also proven by the number of attendees – more than 45 people – and by the numerous questions and discussions triggered during the event.

It was an absolute pleasure for the FIBRE4YARDS consortium to meet and network with all attendees. We would like to give special thanks to all presenters from the FIBRE4YARDS project for sharing their experience, all stakeholders for contributing to the discussions, as well as Naval Group and IRT Jules Verne for providing a state-of-the-art meeting room and exhibition space for this final event.

Please note that the presentations can be downloaded here.