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FIBRE4YARDS in Ships and Offshore Structures

We are proud to announce that the paper authored by Montserrat Dolz (CIMNE) et al. has been published in the journal Ships and Offshore Structures.

The paper “Composite materials, technologies and manufacturing: current scenario of European Union shipyards” provides the results and the analysis of a study conducted on the processes and technologies currently used by European Union shipyards, and their potential interest in new advanced composite construction technologies, including Adaptive Moulds, Automated Tape Laying, Automated Fibre Placement, Curved Pultruded Profiles, Additive Manufacturing, Hot Stamping, Modular and Serialised Shipbuilding and Digitisation of Production.

A new set of indexes are also introduced with the objective of facilitating the evaluation of the technological level of the shipyard, thereby allowing the understanding of the shipyard’s interest in new developments.